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November 8th, 2011

scorch1262: (AssCreed: Altair)
Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 11:55 pm
School exams are finally out of the way, now I can relax! :)

And damn! Just have to wait until next Tuesday and then I'll finally have Assassin's Creed: Revelations! SO EXCITED! :D
I'm glad it comes out after my school exams, otherwise there'd be a problem. :P

Oh, and I've finally come out of my shell and started sharing my original story with some friends on Facebook, and to my surprise and joy they actually like it! :D
I don't think of myself as a bad writer, but I didn't expect two or three friends asking me when the next chapter's going to be posted or asking me what happened to a certain character. It's made me so happy! I get excited just as I write a chapter and go through a part where there's a nice twist here and a little cliffhanger there. 
I'm thinking of putting the story up on here, but maybe after I've got a few more chapters up - I'm up to my fifth one now. :)

7hanks for lis7ening!